Our Story  & work completed:



-Leslee’s initial Safari to Kenya where the vision was born;

-Omondi approaches asking for help for his village.

-Email communication with Omondi developing trust.

-Received Nyarut Women’s Group proposal & request for community assistance.                              


2006 - 2007        


 -Leslee returned to Kenya to meet directly with the Nyarut Women’s Group and completed a needs assessment at the village, including educational, medical, agricultural, and water issues……they were living in abject poverty with no facilities.  

-Back in Canada, we applied for a container of humanitarian aid supplies for Nyarut. Two containers were approved and on their way to Kenya within 2 months.

-Leslee returned to Kenya to aid in and supervise the clearance of two container loads and continue assessing needs and planning for the next step.

-She attended the international conference on HIV/Aids where she connected with our first Volunteer who came to help a month later in July, 2006

-Second important connection with Pat Bayes, Canadian Red Cross volunteer, who was instrumental in getting our initial web site set up.




- Applied for an Alberta Government WildRose Foundation grant for International aid.  The full $25,000 grant was approved based on past performance and commitment but we needed to raise a matching $25,000.

-Major fundraising began with the help of a few friends….we raised the needs funds.

-Building on Nyarut Primary School began end of July, 2007 and 9 classrooms were completed to lock-up stage two months later.                                                   

-A rain water harvesting system was built in conjunction with the school and serves the whole community for cleaner drinking water.

-Our two containers of humanitarian aid goods were finally released by the Kenyan government and arrived at the village.



- No visit was made to Kenya due to elections and civil unrest.

-At home, networking was done, many presentations of the project were made, fundraising events were held to raise money for the building of a Community Hall and Medical clinic in Nyarut, and Leslee attended a 4 day workshop in Calgary teaching the benefits of and building of Bio-sand filters.



-Another 3 month trip to Kenya with two Volunteers from Canada

-Meetings with the communities in Nyarut and 7 surrounding villages

-Contents of the containers were sorted and distributed to the people.

-A library was set up at the school with the books donated in the containers.

-We conducted a Bio-sand Filter building workshop to 5 leaders; purchased two BioSand Filters for the school and introduced the concept to the community.

-There were regular visitations to the community to discuss and train regarding methods to improve agriculture production.   

-Two state-of-the-art playgrounds were donated to SAV by Emmanuel Foundation and were -installed by 4 EF Volunteers at two schools, Nyarut Primary, and the Nyangweso School for the Deaf…..serving 500 children.       

-Building had begun on the Nyarut Medical Clinic and Community Centre during this time and by the end of our visit, both were ready for the roof….but we needed more funds.  We returned to Canada.  




-On our 7th trip to Kenya we hosted 4 Volunteers from Engineering Ministries International, who visited both Nyarut Villages and also our new villages of Nyangina area, to assess, discuss, design and teach for improved agricultural methods, irrigation, hygiene and sanitation.

-The roof of the Community Hall and Medical Clinic was completed in Nyarut;  windows & doors were installed, and the finishing work on the inside of the Clinic.

-We accounted for and reported to the Alberta gov’t for our initial grant.

-A second AB gov’t grant was applied for to build a school in Nyangina; it was approved.  The Emmanuel Foundation matched our grant of $25,000.

-We participated in the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers for Grandmothers Scrabble Benefit to raise further funds for this second school.

-Our Non-profit Society, Save-A-Village: A Mission In Kenya Society of Alberta, was registered with the Alberta Government.




- Three volunteers returned to Kenya to visit both Nyarut and Nyangina villages.

- The medical Clinic was furnished with 4 hospital beds, exam tables, desks, chairs and
other medical supplies from the two containers and was officially opened with 184 patients visiting the first day.  Volunteer Kenyan nurses came from 17 km away.  The    Nyarut Women’s Group donated the 6 remaining hospital beds to the nurses’ hospital in Nyagoro, which was expanding but had no furniture.

- In Nyangina we held community meetings; did needs assessments, and began building 20 latrines for the most needy in the community.  We instructed on good sanitation and hygiene methods.


2012 – 2014        


- The Kenya government has provided medical staff for the Nyarut Clinic & pharmacy.      

- We have been working long distance with the People of Nyangina to help them build
their first school in the area.  It has been a very good working relationship with good
accounting on their part and lots of photos of the construction.  The first phase with the Alberta Government’s Community initiatives International grant and private donations, built a 4 classroom school complete with rain water harvesting system and 8 latrines. The community is paying newly trained teachers to come teach at the school to get their work experience so they can work for the government and a retired headteacher supervises.  They had their first graduating class February, 2014.  They now need more classrooms to accommodate the increased registration.  SAV sent them the last of our money, $3500, and they have used it together with borrowed funds and materials to start 3 more classrooms.  They are ready for the roof and we need help to finish. 



- Dessert Harambee Fundraiser at Highlands Golf Clubhouse and participation in SLF         Grandmothers to Grandmothers Scrabble Benefit to raise the needed money.

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Celebrating 10 years community development in rural Kenya 



With the kind and generous assistance of the Alberta Government, Engineering Ministries International, Emmanuel foundation, ADRA/ASI, and many Private Donors, Save-A-Village, Kenya has successfully completed the following since 2005:


Nyarut Village Area, bordering Lake Victoria, Kenya

-Completion of a 9 classroom School complete with library and furnishings (teachers have been provided by the Kenyan government)

-Delivery of 3 containers of medical, educational, household & general humanitarian aid supplies including mosquito nets for the comunity
-Development of a Community Rainwater Harvesting System

-Bio-sand Filter Workshop and bio-sand filters for 98% pure water

-Building of a Community Hall

-Building of a 4 bed Medical Clinic with Pharmacy (medical staff has been provided by the Kenyan government)

-State-of-the-art community playground for Nyarut serving 250 children

-State-of-the-art playground for 250 at Nyangweso School for the Deaf
Training in improving agricultural methods

-Facilitated visitation of4 engineers from Engineering Ministries International who offered design of irrigation system and hygiene systems

-Distribution of 2000 toothbrushes and hygiene training
Aid in connecting with Kenyan Government officials for ongoing assistance


Nyangina Village Area in Migori Region, southwestern Kenya

-Nyangina Hills primary School

4 classrooms completed and furnished and 3 more classrooms ready for roof, doors, windows, and finishing.

-Latrines built for boys and girls at Nyangina Hills Primary

-20 private latrines started for the poorest and most needy in the area

-Rainwater harvesting system installed for the school and community

-Community meetings training in hygiene and sanitation

Our current goal is to raise $10,000 to complete the 3 classrooms at Nyangina Hills Primary School for a total of 7 classrooms.


A MISSION IN KENYA society of alberta



to all our volunteers, sponsors, and proud donors. We could not have come  this far without you.