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to all our volunteers, sponsors, and proud donors. We could not have come  this far without you.



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Leslee Greenaway, 
​Founder, Save-A-Village, Kenya  


A Creative Design In a Far Away land  -  Synopsis​

In 2004 I visited Kenya, Africa on safari vacation.  The visit changed my life.  The contrast of the affluent tourist to the poverty stricken kenyan demanded my attention.  I knew I had to respond…but how? 

Over the past 10 years I have been drawn to take one step at a time in a direction unknown until it speaks to me.  It has evolved, as this creative, holistic, grassroots project has become like a painting on an enormous canvas …. a village landscape.  The beauty resulting is that this painting is positively helping to change the lives of thousands of poverty-stricken villagers.

​I have returned 8 times to Kenya in the past 10 years, working directly with the locals, encouraging and guiding towards sustainability. Several non-governmental organizations and numerous individuals have assisted in various ways, and donors (including the Alberta government) have been generous in their financing.  This has resulted in the completion of a 9 classroom school, a medical clinic, a community center, a rain water harvesting system, latrines & the introduction to biosand filters, adult literacy classes, and improvement of agricultural techniques serving 7 villages in Nyarut. We have now been invited to a second area, Nyangina, and the project continues and is expanding. 

It started 10 years ago with a dream, a creative thought, a desire to help and a willingness to step into the darkness and discover what was ahead.  No special skill was necessary to meet this challenge…..only a dream…a creative spirit,…..and anticipation of adventure .   The reward that I have experienced in being a small part of the creation of this design has been rich and fulfilling.  I challenge each of you to be creative, take a risk, step into the unknown,  feel the rewards….and ‘make a difference’ in the lives of those less fortunate.